How to: Create an Integrated Web App

Creating a web app is as simple as creating a normal website. This guide will detail how to create an Integrated Web App to function inside the app.

To create a web app

  1. Download the example web app.
  2. Extract the file and look at the file structure. It will consist of some examples.
  3. A Web App can consist of:
    1. HTML files
    2. Images
    3. Javascript (include the ls-links.js file)
    4. CSS
    5. Font Files
    6. Anything that you usually use to make a website!
  4. Instead of naming the HTML file index.html name the HTML to entrypoint_default.html. This will allow Ubiquity to detect that you're using an Integrated Web App inside your app.
  5. Zip the folder and contents. A folder might look something like this: 

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