How to: Link to websites inside an Integrated Web App

Links inside an Integrated Web App will operate differently inside an App than inside a web browser. That's why Liquid State has created a ls-links.js file so handle links inside Web Apps and the Apps themselves.

To link to websites inside a web app using ls-links.js 

  1. Ensure you have Created a Web App
  2. Download the example Web App
  3. Copy the ls-links.js file from the folder
  4. Reference the Javascript inside your HTML file like this: <script src="./js/ls-links.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

     Link opens in the In-App Browser (recommended)

    <a class="ls-link" href="">

     Link opens in External Browser (Safari on iOS)

    <a class="ls-link ls-link-external" href="">

     Link allows upload of attachments

    <a class="ls-link ls-link-attachments" href="">

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