How to: Display an Onboarding Web App

Displaying an Onboarding web app in an app operates a little differently to displaying a normal Web App that might appear in the Library screen or a category. Displaying an Onboarding web app is simple.

To display onboarding in your app:

  1. Ensure you have created and tested an Onboarding web app
  2. Login to Ubiquity
  3. Click Content
  4. Click Web Apps 
  5. Click + New Web App
  6. Enter a name
  7. Click Add
  8. Click Manage Versions on the recently created web app
  9. Click New Version 
  10. Click Choose File and locate your zipped onboarding web app
  11. Click Add 
  12. To check that you have successfully added onboarding and registration - your screen should look something like this:
  13. Click Make Active. This will immediately display the onboarding web app the next time you open the app. No need to create a Content Feature!

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