How to: Create a Table of Contents

A detailed guide on configuring a Table of Contents (ToC) for content in your Library app.

ToCs display the name, description, and thumbnail of each included page. We recommend that you configure your pages before adding them to a ToC.

For more information, see Page Level Configuration.

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There are two ways to view a ToC: from the Library screen of a Library app, and when viewing a page within content.

The screenshots below are taken from Liquid State's Droplet app.

If you want to see how a ToC works, but haven't yet produced your own app, you can download droplet from the iOS App Store and try it out yourself.

View the ToC from the Library Screen

  1. Open to your app's Library Screen and long-press the document cell for the relevant content.

  2.  The ToC will appear in the content details overlay. 

You can scroll through the page entries in the ToC.

If the content is already available on your device, tapping a page entry will open directly to that page.

If the content is downloadable, and has not yet been downloaded on to your device, tapping a page entry will prompt the content to download.


View the ToC from Within Content

  1. Open content within your app, so that you are viewing a page.
    Tap the screen once to reveal
    the in-app UI.

  2.  Tap the ToC button towards the top-right of the screen.

  3.  The ToC will appear to the left of screen.

You can scroll through the page entries in the ToC.

Tapping on a page entry will open that page. 

To create a table of contents:

  1. Sign in to your Ubiquity. You will be directed to your Apps T


  2. Click the app in which you want to configure a ToC

  3. Drill down to the Content tab and click on the relevant content.

  4.  Click on the content Versions tab

  5. Click on the Configure button
  6. Click on Table Contents

  7. You can select the Style of your Table of Contents. A Table of Contents can contain thumbnails or no thumbnails. A thumbnail is an image that appears inside the app. Select your style.

  8. After selecting a Style, view the 2 columns with Pages not in Table of Contents and Pages Already in the Table of Contents 
  9. Select pages using the checkbox
  10. Once the relevant pages have been selected - click the arrows

  11. Once you have added the relevant pages to your ToC, click the Save button.

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