6.1 My Profile Introduction

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My profile gives you control over your user account and personal data, while also providing access to important app information.

  1. My profile can be accessed from the Home screen by tapping the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap the Settings icon in to top-right corner of the screen.



My Profile is divided into two sections, My Settings and App Information.

My Settings

1. Change password - Change your PEP Health password.

2. Set my key dates - Enter important dates related to your care.

3. Proceed to next stage in a pathway - Manually transition to the next stage in your pathway.

4. Delete personal data - Delete your personal data recorded in the PEP Health system.

5. Send me a copy of my personal data -  Receive a copy of your personal data being recorded in the PEP Health system.

6. Agree to data collection - Agree to data collection for analytics purposes.

Overview of My Settings.


App Information

1. About this app -  View your username and support ID.

2. View terms and conditions - Review the Terms & Conditions of PEP Health.

3. View privacy policy - Review the Privacy Policy of PEP Health.

4. Log out - Log out from the PEP Health app.

Overview of App Information.



6.2 My Settings

6.3 App Information

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