1.4 Solution Framework

The PEP Health solution is comprised of several key parts, which together, form the solution framework. This includes:

  • Index Events - These are the key events used in pathways to help with the timing of the delivery of communications with patients. Index Events are configured by the Super Administrator and available to other administrators across all pathways. Typical Index Events include Diagnosis Date, Admission Date, Surgery Date, and Discharge Date.

  • Pathways - Pathways are a way to structure and sequence patient communications so that are aligned with their optimal care plan or clinical pathway.

  • Rules - Communication rules are a set of instructions that detail the type, audience and timing of communication delivered to patients.

    • Staged rules - Rules that are associated with pathway stages.

    • Index Events rules - Rules associated with Index Events.

    • Non-aligned or Manual rules - Rules not associated with Index Events nor Pathway Stages which are executed manually.

  • Content - The solution supports a range of different content types which can be delivered to patients. These include documents, forms, videos, and messages.

  • Journeys - When a pathway is associated with a specific patient, any index events included in the pathway are allocated real dates and communications start to flow from the system to the patient. In this way a theoretical communications plan, the Procedure Pathway, becomes a real patient Journey.


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