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Check #1:Is the document/video published?

Check if the document/video in question is ‘Published’ or ‘Unpublished’. If ‘Unpublished’, change the document/ video status to ‘Published’ by clicking the “Edit” or “Publish” icon, as shown below.


Refresh the dashboard and app to see if the document or video is now viewable.


Check #2:Is the document/video used in a Procedure Rule?

And, is the same Procedure Rule used in the Procedure Pathway assigned to the Patient?


Click the Rule in that Stage to view the Procedure Rule’s details page, there are two possible scenarios to check here:

  1. Is the Procedure Rule using the correct document/video?

  2. Is the Procedure Rule triggered as intended?


Rectify any mistakes here and refresh the dashboard to see the Patient’s assigned Pathway in the “Pathways using this document” section in the document/ video’s details page.