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This section provides a guide and instructions for managing Weblinks in the dashboard.

Select the “Content” menu option from the left menu panel in the Dashboard. Click on “Weblinks” in the drop-down menu.

Here you can review the details of the Weblink by clicking on any of the Weblink in the main Weblink list.

To create a new Weblink, click the “New” button in the top right corner of the page to view a drop-down menu.

Next, start adding the required Details in the fields including the Weblink Title, Description, and Content Type.

There are two Content Type options to choose from:

Select “Web Form” for links that are used to collect information from your patients.

SelectWebsitefor links used to inform your patients.

Here you can input the URL for a Weblink.

Click on the URL field and paste or type the URL you would like this weblink to feature.

Read through the Agreements below and then click the checkboxes associated with each.

Click the next arrow to continue.

Here you can Review the Weblink details with the attached content. Press the back arrow to make any changes.

Once reviewed, click on the “Savebutton to create the new Weblink.

To preview a Weblink, click on a Weblink in the “Contentsection. Click on the Open icon to open and preview the Weblink.

To edit a Weblink, first select it from the Weblink list, then click on the “Edit” option in the top-right corner of the page. Make sure to save any changes made to the Weblink.

To delete a Weblink, select the Weblink you want to delete from the main list and click on the Bin icon, as shown below.

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