Onbording a feature that is prevalent in many apps today. It's a way of introducing your users to your app before they actually interact with it. It's also a great way to collect user information and preferences to build a superior user experience before the user opens the app and without them ever knowing. 

  • Creates superior user experience
  • Segment content for a user before entering the app
  • Use the same app but allow users to view different content
 Scenario 1...

You have a recipe app that has lots of recipes available to download from inside your app. It spans a broad range of cuisines, tastes and cook times. You decide to categorise the recipes based on 3 attributes:

  1. Meat
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Vegan

However, you don't want a Vegan to open your app and immediately see recipes for meat. That's a poor user experience. So, you decide to add Onboarding to your app. After a user downloads the app, they instead select their preference based in the onboarding piece. In this case, the Vegan selects their interests as vegan recipes. This flows through to profile-based rules in Ubiquity that automatically distributes relevant content to appear in the app after the user has finished registering.

Once the Vegan finishes their onboarding experience and opens the app for the first time - only Vegan recipes appear. They never know there are other recipes or content available to other users and their user experience is greatly improved. They get exactly what they wanted!

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