How to: Update iOS App on App Store

You may have uploaded your app to iTunes Connect and released it onto the App Store. Updating an existing iOS app is simple if you follow the steps involved.

To update an existing iOS app on the app store you must have:

  • Mac Computer
  • Xcode installed (at least version 8.3.1)
  • Liquid State App Signing Tool (version 1.3.6)
  • iTunes Connect access
  • Distribution Certificate with Private Key on your Keychain
  • Apple Developer account access
  • Application Loader

To update you iOS app on iTunes

  1. Login to Ubiquity 
  2. Download the latest build of your iOS app or build a new version and download
  3. Download the .ipa (iOS app) onto your Mac Computer
  4. Download the current App Store Provisioning Profile from Apple Developer
  5. Open Liquid State App Signing Tool
  6. Select your .ipa file that was downloaded from Ubiquity and your App Store Provisioning Profile 
  7. Click Sign App 
  8. Open Application Loader 
  9. Sign-in to Application Loader using the iTunes Connect account that is hosting your iOS app on the App Store
  10. Click Deliver App 
  11. Attach your signed iOS app
  12. Click Next to begin the app upload

On the process in Application Loader is done (estimated at 15mins - 2 hours)

  1. Login to iTunes Connect 
  2. Click on Activity and ensure your app has finished processing (estimated at 10 minutes after successful upload)
  3. Click on the App Store tab in your app entry
  4. Click on the Version or Platform and select iOS 
  5. Enter a new version number and click Next 
  6. The previous build will copy into this new entry
  7. Scroll down to Build and add the new build by clicking the 
  8. Add the most recent build that was uploaded
  9. Configure the rest of the app entry
  10. Click Save once you're satisfied 
  11. Click Submit for Review when you're complete

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