1.4 Forgotten Your Password

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If you’ve forgotten your password, follow the steps below to reset it.

STEP 1: Forgotten password

Tap “Forgotten password” on the Login screen.

Tap “forgotten password”


STEP 2: Send recovery code

Enter your email address to be sent a recovery code.


STEP 3: Copy recovery code

Open your email app and check for an email labeled “Your Verification Code”. Copy the code provided and navigate back to the PEP Health app.




STEP 4: Enter verification code

Enter the verification code sent to your email in the Password Recovery page.


Enter the verification code


STEP 5: Change password

Enter your new password, and confirm your new password in the Password Recovery page.

Click “Submit Password” to save your new password. Now you can log in to the app using your new password.





1.0 Getting Started