11.2 How to test pathways with multiple test patient accounts?

Testing pathways and other functionalities requires rigorous, repeated testing to ensure efficacy over multiple use cases. This article covers everything you need to know to test with multiple dummy patient accounts.

Best to use gmail address

The most efficient and easily repeatable way to test pathways and other functionalities is to use a gmail email address.

How to create multiple accounts using the same gmail address?

Gmail enables you to use variations of your existing email address to create multiple users for testing purposes. This means you do not need to create a new email account for each testing account. Instead, you can use your own gmail address and create multiple accounts.

To use a single gmail address for multiple accounts, you can just append a plus ("+") sign and any combination of words or numbers after the name in the email address.

For example, if the gmail address is anna_hogan@gmail.com, you can also create multiple accounts using an email address as shown below:

anna_hogan@gmail.com - Actual account

anna_hogan+2@gmail.com - Testing account 2

anna_hogan+patient1@gmail.com - Testing account 3

anna_hogan+patient2@gmail.com - Testing account 4 , and so on.

Basically any combination of words or numbers after the email address and a “+” sign.

Modifying your actual gmail address this way will let you send all the invitation codes and related information to the actual email address which in this case is anna_hogan@gmail.com.

Test Patient

In the PEP dashboard you can add these email addresses while creating the patient and filling the details of a patient.

STEP: 1 Log into the PEP dashboard and create a new patient via the Home or Patients pages

STEP: 2 Input information in the mandatory fields for Basic Details. Follow email guidelines (Above) for Email Address Field.

STEP: 3 Add pathways and necessary index event information for testing purposes.

STEP: 4 Review details and click on ‘Save’.

Following this process, you will be able to create multiple test patients in order to perform thourough pathway testing.


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