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Creating an App User Group will allow you to add individual app users to a group and assign rules to content access and views. For a profile-based group, users are automatically added to a group based on their profile data.

To create an App User Group you must:


To create a profile-based app user group:

  1. Login to Ubiquity 
  2. Click on your app entry 
  3. Click on App Users 
  4. Click Groups 
  5. Click the + Add Group 
  6. Enter a Name and Description for the group.
  7. For Membership mode, select Profile-based
  8. Click the Add.
  9. You will be taken to a screen where you can configure rules about which users will be added to the group, based on their profile data. For a detailed description of how these rules work, see How to: Create Rules (Profile-Based).
  10. Once you have configured rules for your profile-based group, click Save 
  11. Your group will be available in the groups list within the Groups sub-tab.