How to: Update an Integrated Web App

Updating an Integrated Web App allows you to update registration, profile editing or other featured content that is sitting in your app.

To update an Integrated Web App:

  1. Ensure you can display an onboarding or integrated web app piece
  2. Click on your app entry 
  3. Click Content 
  4. Click Integrated Web Apps 
  5. Click Manage Verisions
  6. Click New Version 
  7. Click Choose File to upload the zipped IWA


    Onboarding should always contain an entrypoint_profile_editing and entrypoint_registration.

    → entrypoint_profile_editing is accessed through Edit Profile button in the app

    → entrypoint_registration is accessed through Register button in the app

  8. Click Add to add the onboarding IWA
  9. Click Make Active to make the latest version of your upload active inside the app
  10. Close the app and relaunch it to view the changes. You may need to click 'register' to view the changes
  11. The app will now display the updated registration piece. Click Edit Profile inside the app to view changes to profile editing.

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