1.1 The Dashboard and App

There are two key parts to the PEP Health solution - the Dashboard, and the App.


The dashboard is used by administration and clinical staff to manage the solution and the patients who utilise it.

Dashboard Usage

The primary function of the dashboard is to provide a way to manage communications with patients.

Patients can be invited to the solution using the dashboard and then documents, forms and messages delivered to them via their phone, or tablet, in alignment with their patient journey.

To assist with the sequenced and timely delivery of communications the dashboard also provides a mechanism to organise and structure these communications.

This organisation of communications is called a procedure pathway. Pathways contain a series of communication rules which determine the content, audience and timing of the communication with patients.

The dashboard is also the place where the content used within the rules and pathways can be created and managed.

Dashboard Login

The dashboard is delivered as a website, with login credentials providing differing levels of permissions and views of patients and usage data. Access to the website dashboard is via an invitation process managed by administrators.

You can find the dashboard login at PEP Health


Dashboard Users

There are two types of dashboard users:

  • Administration users

    • send invitations to other users,

    • manage access to the solution,

    • create content and procedure pathways,

    • set organisation’s public content and default pathways,

    • mange information about their organisations,

    • manage organisation branding, and

    • review de-identified analytics.

  • Professional User - Clinical users

    • send invitations to patients,

    • manage their access to the solution,

    • deliver content and communication pathways for specific procedures to patients, and

    • review analytics for specific patients.

More Information

More details about the different users types and permissions associated with these users can be found here.


The solution includes a mobile application (app) for phone and tablet. The app is the primary communications channel employed by the solution to support patients through their health journey.

App Signup and Usage

The app is listed on the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore as 'PEP Health'. Anyone can download the app from these stores, however an invitation and unique Invite Code is required to signup and gain access to the app. This invitation process is managed from the dashboard by administrators.

The messages, documents and forms contained within the procedure pathways created in the dashboard are then delivered to patients via the app.


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