5.4 How to Create, Edit & Delete Forms


This section provides a guide and instructions for managing Forms in the dashboard.

STEP 1: Navigate to your Forms

Select the “Content” menu option from the left menu panel in the dashboard. Click on “Forms” in the drop-down menu.



STEP 2: Review Form details

Here you can review the details of a Form by clicking on any of the forms in the main document list.

STEP 3: Create a new Form

To create a new Form, click the “New” button in the top right corner of the page to view a drop-down menu.


STEP 4: Add Form Details

Next, start adding the required details in the fields including the form Title, Description, Language, and Status.

There are two Status options to choose from:

Select “Publish form once created” if you want the form to be published.

Select Don’t publish form if you don’t want the form to be published.

STEP 5: Add Content to a Form

Here you can attach the required .JSON Content to the Form.

Click on the “Click or drag the file…” option to begin the process of uploading the .json file. This will open a dialogue box to find the .json file on your computer. Select the desired .json and click upload.


Next, review your uploaded .json to make sure it is the correct file. Click the next arrow to continue.

STEP 6: Review the Form

Here you can Review the Form details with the attached content. Press the back arrow to make any changes.

Once reviewed, click on the “Save button to create the new Form.

STEP 7: Edit a Form

To edit a Form, select the form you want to edit from the main list and click to view the form details. Next, click on the “Edit” option in the top-right corner of the page.

Make sure to save any changes made to the Form.

STEP 8: Download a Form

To download the Form, select the form you want to download and click on the “Download” icon located in the “Content” section, as shown below.


STEP 9: Delete a Form

To delete a form, select the form you want to delete from the main list and click on the Bin icon, as shown below.




STEP 10: Publish/ Unpublish Forms

You can Publish or Unpublish a Form by selecting the icon in the top right corner next to the Bin icon, as shown below.

Note: Published Forms are visible on Pathways whereas Unpublished Forms are not.


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