7.2 Scheduled Messages / Alerts / Reminders


This section outlines the Scheduled Ad-Hoc Messages in the dashboard.

STEP 1: View Scheduled Messages / Alerts / Reminders

Select the “Direct Messaging” option in the left menu panel of the dashboard. Next, click “Scheduled from the drop-down menu.

You will now see a list of all scheduled Messages / Alerts / Reminders, identified by their “Type” icons.

View details such as Language, Send Date, Audience and Message Title. Note, the Audience names will be de-identified as per security guidelines.

Select a Message / Alert / Reminder from the list to proceed.

STEP 2: Review a Sent Message / Alert / Reminder

After selecting a Message / Alert / Reminder you can review its details including Attached Content, Send Date, and Individuals to whom it will be sent to.

Note: As a Hospital Admin, you can only see the Scheduled messages, alerts and reminders for Patients in your Hospital.


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