11.3 How to remove (Archive) pathway from a patient's profile?

Pathways are a critical feature of the PEP Health solution that enables curated and timed communication of information to app users (patients), when added to their profile on the Admin Dashboard. It is therefore important to carefully consider when a pathway is assigned to a patient profile. Due to certain circumstances you may needed to make changes or remove the pathway. If needed, you can remove (Archive) a pathway from a patient’s profile but it will have certain implications on what the they will see on the app after such a change is implemented.

So, we will cover this topic in two sections below -

Remove (Archive) a pathway from an app user’s profile

You can follow the following steps to dissociate an app user from their current assigned pathway.

STEP 1: Open the patient’s profile and go to ‘Journey'.

STEP 2: Click on the ‘Edit’ icon on the ‘Journey’ Card.



STEP 3: In the Journey card’s edit window, click on the ‘Archive’ button in the ‘Action’ column next to the pathway name.


STEP 4: Click ‘Ok’ on the popup window.


STEP 5: Once the button changes from ‘Archive’ to ‘Unarchive’, click on ‘Save Changes’ to finish disassociating the pathway from the patient.


The ‘Published’ status now on the ‘Journey’ card for the pathway should be now a ‘red cross


To undo the pathway disassociation, repeat all the steps again. The only change would be clicking on the ‘Unarchive’ button in the ‘Action’ column next to the pathway in STEP 3. This will lead to the button switching from ‘Unarchive’ to ‘Archive’ instead as mention in STEP 4, and the ‘Published’ status will change back to a 'blue tick’ as shown previously in STEP 1.

Implications of removing/archiving a pathway

  • The patient will no longer see the content and receive communication scheduled to show up henceforth.

  • This will not hide/remove content and communication already delivered to the patient before pathway was dissociated. They can still access everything that has already been delivered.

  • If a patient has a single pathway, removing the pathway does not remove patient’s access to the app. As mentioned earlier, they can still see everything already delivered.


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