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The sections in this page has video tutorials in the bottom of the page. If you do not understand the written text and use the video as reference.

Document Categories Overview

Documents within a Space are organised in to Document Categories.

By default, every Document is added to the relevant Space's 'All Documents' category.

Admin users can create additional Document Categories as per the needs of their Organisation.


The ABC Enterprises Organisation contains an Internal Communications Space.

In addition to the default 'All Documents' category, a Space Admin creates two new categories: Workplace Health & Safety and Monthly Newsletters.

An Editor navigates to the Workplace Health & Safety Document Category within the Internal Communications  Space, and adds a new document.

The new document now sits within the All Documents category, and the Workplace Health & Safety category.

Document Category Navigation

To access the Document Category view:

  1. Navigate to the Space view for the Space that contains your Document Category.
  2. Under the Document Categories heading, select the relevant Document Category. You can also Search for your Document Category's name.

If you have navigated further in to Carbon Editor, you can return to the Document Category view by clicking the Document Category's name in the Breadcrumb.

The Document Category View

The Document Category view contains a list of all the Documents within the category.

Document Actions

Admin and Editor users can access a number of Document-related functions under the Actions heading.

The primary action button for a Document is Edit details. Use this button to:

  • Change a Document's name
  • Change a Document's language
  • Manage which Document Categories a Document is available in
  • Manage the theming for a Document

A number of other functions can be accessed from the dropdown arrow under the Actions heading. These include:

  • Document versions - access all versions of a Document, and export Documents. For more information, see Exporting Content.
  • Automated exports - configure automated exports for a Document.
  • Delete - permanently delete a Document and all the pages it contains.
  • Watch - watching a document will mean you'll receive email updates from any updates made to the document itself.
  • Move Up - move a Document up in the list.
  • Move Down - move a Document down in the list.
  • API Details - access API details that can be used to import content and access Ubiquity Dashboard.

Adding a New Document

Editors and Admins will also see two buttons for creating new Documents: a Create button and an Import button.

The Create button creates a new, blank Document within the Document Category. Pages can then be added to the Document using The Page Editor.

The Import button can be used to create a new Document with the Import API.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial that follows the guide.

Document Category Navigation

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Document Action

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Adding a New Document

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