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User Roles Overview

There are a number of distinct user roles within Carbon Editor.

Different system permissions are assigned based on these roles.

System permissions must be manually assigned to users once they have become a part of an Organisation.



There are two types of administrators within the Liquid State Carbon Editor: Organisation Admin and Space Admin.

Organisation Admin

Organisation Admin is the highest level of administrator within Carbon Editor.

You automatically become the Organisation Admin of any Organisation you create.

Organisation Admins control all elements of an Organisation, including the Spaces, Document Categories, Documents, Pages, and other users within the Organisation. 

Organisation Admins can promote other users to an Organisation Admin role.


For more information, see Organisation Administration.

Space Admin

Space Admins can administer the Space(s) for which they have been assigned administrator permissions.

Space Admins do not have administrative privileges over Spaces for which they have not been assigned administrator permissions.

Organisation Admins and existing Space Admins can add and remove additional administrators within a Space.

You are automatically assigned administrative rights over any Spaces you create within your own Organisation.


For more information, see Space Administration.



Editors can navigate the Carbon Editor system, access the Import API, and use The Page Editor to create and edit content.

Editors do not have any administrative privileges.


There are two types of editor users:

  • Space Editors - these users can edit any content that sits within their assigned Space.
  • Category Editors - these users can only edit content that sits within their assigned Document Category/Categories.


Space Viewer

Space Viewers can view the Document Categories, Documents, and Pages within their assigned Space(s), and can view previews of Pages' content.

Space Viewers do not have any editing or administrative privileges.


Team Member

By default, newly added users within an Organisation do not have permission to view, edit, or administer any Spaces, Document Categories, Documents, or Pages.

These users are referred to as Team Members. 

Team Members can be promoted to a Space Viewer, Editor, Space Admin, or Organisation Admin role by existing Space and Organisation Admins.


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