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The sections in this page has video tutorials in the bottom of the page. If you do not understand the written text and use the video as reference.

Documents Overview

Documents are distinct sets of Pages.

Documents can be exported to apps, the web, and print.

Pre-existing XML documents can be imported to Carbon Editor using the Import API.

Document Navigation

To access the Document view:

  1. Navigate to the Space view for the Space that contains your Document.
  2. Under the Document Categories heading, select a Document Category that contains your document.
  3. You will be taken to the Document Category view. Under the Document heading, select the relevant Document.

If you have navigated further in to Carbon Editor, you can always return to the Document view by clicking the Document name in the Breadcrumb.

The Document View

Document Functions

The two action buttons of 'Edit' and 'Versions and Exports' are for the document in the relevant categories.

Primary function of Edit - change the document name, language, linking-id, manage categories, and manage themes

The drop down next to Edit leads to the button to Delete the document.

Primary function of Versions & Exports - Create new versions of document and export to different sources

The drop down next to Versions & Exports - Create Automated Exports, View API details, View Metadata.

Document View - Pages

The Document view contains a list of all the Pages within the Document.

Admin and Editor users can access a number of Page-related functions under the Actions heading.

The primary action button for a Page is Edit Content. This allows users to edit a Page's content in The Page Editor.

A number of other functions can be accessed from the dropdown arrow under the Actions heading. These include:

  • Preview - view a preview of the Page in its current state.
  • View Metadata - contains the metadata and tags for the page
  • Edit Details - change the name of the Page, language, and linking ID of the page.
  • Page versions - view the current and historical versions of a Page, and revert to previous versions.
  • Duplicate - create a duplicate of the page
  • Delete - permanently delete all versions of the Page and the content they contain.
  • Move Up - move the Page up in the list.
  • Move Down - move the Page down in the list.

Space Viewer users, who do not have editing permissions, will only see the Preview action.

Adding a New Page

Editors and Admins will also see two buttons for creating new Pages: a Create button and an Import button.

The Reorder pages button is used to reorder and arrange the pages in the document.

The Create button creates a new Page within the Document - either blank, or based on a Page Template. Content can then be added to the Page in The Page Editor.

Using the drop down below

The Import button can be used to create a new Page with the Import API.

The API Details shows the API details.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial that follows the guide.

Document Navigation

Document Functions

Document View - Pages

Adding a New Page

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