How to: Invite Liquid State to your iOS Developer Teams

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For Liquid State to be able to publish your app in the App Store under your name, you must first invite Liquid State to your Apple Developer account. As of 2019, this can be done directly from App Store Connect.

Getting Started

To add Liquid State to your Apple Developer Portal and App Store Connect accounts, you will need:

  • Apple Developer Account
  • Liquid State email address

Add Liquid State Support to your Apple Developer Portal

  1. Go to, then click Users and Access.

  2. Click the + button to add a new User.
  3. Click the Invite People button in the middle of the window. Invite (First Name: Gautami | Last Name: Shetty)  and (First Name: Cyril | Last Name: Doussin) 

  4. Enter the details provided to you by Liquid State, specifying the following:

    1. roles should be Admin

    2. make sure you grant access to either all apps or to the correct pre-existing app 

      Click the Invite button. Liquid State will be in touch with you to confirm that the invitation worked fine.

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