How To: Access Liquid State Wiki - Confluence.

This document has the details of the best practices for accessing our Knowledge Base or Project WIKIs. The WIKI is created and hosted in Confluence.

Start by creating an account in Confluence

To access the wiki space that has been set up for the project, an account needs to be set up in Confluence. Liquid State will send the invite email to the user and the invite email will have the link to be used to set up the account in Confluence.

During On-boarding there is a step where you have to choose the space to work in.

For this project, please choose ________________________________________ as the space to work in.

Once you have registered into the account you will have the access you need to look into the documents and notes set up by Liquid State.


How to access your space in Confluence.

Once your account has been created. The next step is to access your space from the home page.

This gives you access to the space and all the documents uploaded in the space from Liquid State for the project.


Once the account is set up and the user can navigate through the pages, the user can open links to access the documents.

Liquid State and the (client name) will have email communications that might include links to the confluence page. In this instance it is imperative for the client to have their browser logged into their confluence accounts before viewing the page linked in the email.

The following image shows how to access and log in to confluence before opening the links in the email. After the first time, the user can bookmark the website to log in to confluence for future use.


If there are further issues then please lodge a ticket at Liquid State Service Desk. This helps Liquid State to meet the SLAs and address issues.

Use the following link to access the Service Desk:


Unless otherwise indicated in the Overview page of this WIKI the information contained within this space is Classified according to the /wiki/spaces/ISMS/pages/739344530 as