8.5 How to Raise and Manage Data Requests


This section outlines how a GDPR Request is submitted in the Hospital Admin dashboard.

STEP 1: Access Data Requests

Login as Hospital Admin and select the “Administration” option from the left menu panel in the dashboard. Click on “Data Requests” from the drop-down menu, as show below.


STEP 2: Request for Copy/ Deletion

To complete a request for copy of data, click on the “Create a Copy of Data Request” button located in the top right corner in the “Request for copy of data” tab.

Or to complete a request for data deletion, click on the “Create a Deletion of Date Request” button located in the top right corner in the “Request for data deletion” tab.


Next, select the User Type for the request (App or Dashboard). Then click on “Select User”.


Here you will see a list of all the dashboard users you can submit a Data Request for. Select the desired user and click “ADD”.

Note: You can also select a Hospital Admin / Professional User / App User here and submit the request on their behalf.



Next, review the details of the user you selected and click “SEND TO BE PROCESSED”.

Once submitted, the request will be sent to the Hospital Admin. The Hospital Admin can view all submitted requests under “Outstanding Requests”, with the User Type and the Hospital they belong to.

The same process is followed for Data Deletion requests.

Note: If you are submitting a request for a Professional User or App User, these requests can be viewed under “Outstanding Requests” in the Hospital Admin dashboard.

Requests that have been closed by a Hospital Admin can viewed in the “Closed Requests” tab.

STEP 3: GDPR contact details

Enter your GDPR contact details and preferred Language here. The email address you enter here will receive GDPR request notifications for all the Hospital Admin dashboards.

Note: Only one Hospital Admin email address can be nominated for receiving GDPR notifications.

Once a GDPR request is submitted, the Hospital Admin or Professional User will receive an email notification of this request. The Hospital Admin should then log a Service Desk ticket to notify support. This ticket should be resolved in 10 to 15 business days.

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