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The sections in this page has video tutorials in the bottom of the page. If you do not understand the written text and use the video as reference.

Organisations Overview

Organisations are teams of Carbon Editor users who can work together on one or more projects.

Organisations contain Spaces.

A user can be a part of multiple Organisations.


A company, ABC Enterprises, uses Carbon Editor to produce content for an internal communications platform, as well as for their marketing materials.

Their Organisation is named ABC Enterprises. The ABC Enterprises Organisation contains two spaces: an Internal Communications Space, and a Marketing Space.

ABC Enterprises engages a marketing consultant to review their marketing strategy. The Organisation Admin invites the consultant to the ABC Enterprises Organisation.

The consultant can now access the ABC Enterprises Organisation, in addition to their existing Carbon Editor Organisation, XYZ Consultants.

However, they still cannot access any of the Spaces within the ABC Enterprises Organisation, until a Space Admin grants them access.

The Organisation View

After logging in to Carbon Editor, you will be taken to the Organisation view for your Organisation.

You will see a list of the Spaces that you can access within the Organisation, including links to the Document Categories within each Space.

Organisation Navigation

You can return to the Organisation view, or toggle between Organisations, by using the Swap Organisation function.

To Swap Organisation:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to your current Organisation in the top navigation bar.
  2. Under Swap Organisation, select the relevant Organisation.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial that follows the guide.

The Organisation View

The video below shows organisation view after logging in to carbon editor using your User Name and Email Address.

Organisation Navigation

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