Space Administration

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Space Administration Overview

Space Admin users can administer a Space within the Space administration view.

Administration functions include:

  • Managing the users who can access the Space, and their respective roles.
  • Defining the Document Categories available within the Space.
  • Setting up the Field Types, Page Sections, and Page Templates that Editors can use when creating and editing content within the Space.
  • Creating Document Themes that can be applied when exporting content from the Space.
  • Configuring the Export options for a Space.

In order to provide Editors with the best possible editing experience, it is highly recommended for Space Admins to fully configure a Space's administration prior to the creation or revision of content in the Space.

Accessing the Space Administration View

To access administration options for a Space:

  1. Click your current Organisation's name in the top navigation bar.
  2. Under Swap Organisation, choose the relevant Organisation from the list.

    You will be taken to the Organisation view.
  3. Under the Spaces heading, click the name of the relevant Space.
  4. Click the Space name in the top navigation bar, then click Administer "Space Name".

    You will be taken to Overview tab of the the Space Administration view.

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