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My Team provides a list of all health care providers in your care team along with other general content information to your clinic or hospital. You can also search for any health care provider/organisation and add to them as pat of your care team. In addition to this, you can also view any public content made available by a particular organisation by tapping on that organisation’s entry in the list.


  1. Add health care providers: Add health care provider/organisations as part of your care team. More detailed steps here: https://liquidstate.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PAKB/pages/2840559708

  2. Organisation name: The name of your health care provider.

  3. Contact details: The street address for you clinic or hospital.

  4. Contact: Call your health care provider your device’s default call application.

  5. Location: Navigate to health care provider location using your device’s default navigation/maps application.

My Team Overview

Home / 2.0 App Home / 2.4 My Team


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