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The Timeline shows content, key dates and stage transitions in a chronological list, with the first item on the list being the most recent.

Content Card Overview

Information received from your care team is displayed in your timeline in the form of content cards. Content cards convey a range of information which include:

  1. Organisation’s Logo: Health Provider’s logo (if configured)

  2. Organisation Name: Health Provider’s name

  3. Organisation’s Brand Colour: Health Provider’s brand colour (if configured)

  4. Content Title: The title of the content you have received.

  5. Pathway: The Pathway which the content is associated with.

  6. Content Type: The type of content. View the full list of content types here: https://liquidstate.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PAKB/pages/2382069798

Content Card

Accessing Content

  1. To access the content associated with a content card, tap anywhere on the card.

  2. When you are ready to return to the timeline, tap the back arrow on the top-left corner.

Home / 2.0 App Home / 2.2 Timeline

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