4.1 Setting Up a New Patient


This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a new Patient, and how to add Pathways to Patients.

STEP 1: Navigate to Patients from the dashboard

Select the Patients option from the menu panel on the left side of the dashboard screen.

Or you can click the “New Patient” icon on the homepage of the dashboard to instantly create a new Patient.

STEP 2: Review Patient details

You can review the details of all existing Patients from the “Individuals” list. You can view the Pathway progress of a patient here.

To display Patient details, click on the Patient that you are interested in.

Here, the app access tab will allow you to change the access a Patient has to the app:

  • If a Patient has lost their Invite Code, you can create a new code and send it to them by email. To do this click “Resend Invite”. Note, this option is only available for unregistered users.

  • For the registered users, you have the option to Deactivate or Activate account using the toggle button.

STEP 3: Create a new Patient

Click on the “New Patient button in the top right of the screen.

STEP 4: Add App Invite details and Administration Information

Next, add important Patient details in the Basic Details section. Start with the First Name, Last Name, Email address, and Mobile Number of the Patient. Add the Doctor and the primary Language of the patient. Add the Address of the Patient and click the next arrow to proceed.

STEP 5: Create a Patient’s Journey

Here you can create the Journey of the Patient by clicking “+Add Procedure” and adding Procedure Pathways. This will allow you to create Patient Pathways within Journeys, and will provide the basis for communications with Patients.

Select the Procedure Pathway from the list of Pathways added by the Super Admin user.

Search for and select the Pathway you want, then click “Add”. You can only see Pathways that have been added by the Super Admin to the Organisation.

You can now add the Index Event dates to the Procedure Pathway.

You can also view the details of the selected Pathway specific to the Patient when you click on the “Details” icon.

To delete the added Procedure Pathway, click on the Bin icon.

Click the next arrow to proceed.


STEP 6: Review the new Patient’s details

Next you can review the details of the Patient. Click on the back arrow to make changes as required.

Once you have confirmed the details, click the Save icon to create the new patient. An Invite Code will now be sent to the patient to install the app.

Note: At any time, you can click on the 'X' in the top right corner to close your progress and delete the details added.


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