4.3 Change Pathway and Index Events Date


This section provides steps on how to edit the Patient’s Pathway and Index Events date.

STEP 1: Navigate to Patient’s Journey

From the dashboard, click on “Patients” to view the complete list of Patients.

Select the Patient to view their details and Journey.

STEP 2: Click on Journey

Click on “Journey” in the left menu of the Patient to view the Pathway and Index Event dates.

STEP 3: Edit the Pathway

Click on the “Edit” button in the top-right corner of the Patients Journey to add/ delete the Pathway, and to change the Index Event date.

STEP 4: Edit Pathway and Index Events

  1. To archive the Pathway, click the “Archive” button.

  2. To delete the Pathway, click the “Delete” button.

  3. To add a new Pathway, click on the “+ Add Pathway” button.

  4. To change the Index Event date, click on the date and select a new date.

Click “Save Changes” to save the changes you have made.



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