8.4 How to Create & Edit Index Events


This section outlines how to create and edit Index Events as a Hospital Admin user.

Index Events are primarily used as a date marker and can be considered a form of content. A single Index Event can be used for multiple Countries and Pathways. For example, an Index Event called “Surgery” can be used in all pathways for each country as the Index Events are a global attribute seen by all Hosp Admins.

There is no need to create an Index Event for “Surgery” for each Country. The translated Language of an Index Event is added during its creation. Hosp Admins will create the new Index Events and then proceed to include the various Languages for which the Index Event will be used.

If a specific Index Event is only needed for one country, then you only need to add the Language translation for that country.

STEP 1: Go to Index Events in the dashboard

Select the “Administration” option on the left menu panel in the Admin dashboard. Next, click on “Index Events from the drop-down menu. You will now see a list of all Index Events.

STEP 2: View details of an Index Event

You can view the specific details of the Index Events by clicking on any Index Event in the list.

STEP 3: Create a new Index Event

Click on the “New Index Event” option in the top right corner to create a new Index Event.

STEP 4: Add the Index Event details

Fill in the required details for the Index Event.

Note, make sure to add the Index Event names in the required Languages so that when translated the dashboard will show the right name in the right language.

Click “Save” to save the details and create the Index Event.


STEP 5: Edit an Index Event

Click the ‘Edit’ option on the top right corner to edit and make changes to an Index Event. Click “Save” to save the details and update the Index Event.

Note: There is no option to delete any Index Events due to its ability to impact patients.


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