Creating a New Document

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Before you Begin

In order to create a document, the Space in which you are working must have some Field types configured. It is also recommended to have Page Sections and Page Templates configured. If you do not see any available Field types, Page Sections, or Page Templates when attempting to edit a page, contact your Space Admin.

The guide below refers to creating a new, empty document from start. You can also import a document using the API or previously exported XML.

How to Create a New, Empty Document

To create a new Document:


Ensure you are in the correct Organisation, and Space.


From the Space view, click on the All Documents category, or select the Document Category in which you wish to create the Document.
Documents can be included in multiple categories, so this is not a permanent choice.


Click the +Create button.


Give the Document a Name, choose the Language that the Document will be authored in, then click the Save button.


Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial that follows the guide. The video tutorial starts with the Spaces view in the relevant organisation

How to Create a New, Empty Document

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