6.3 Uploading a File

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The “Upload a File” page allows you to upload and create new files that you can share with your care team.


1. Pick File - Tap on the button to upload a File.

2. Name - Name for the File.

3. Description - Describe what the File is about.

4. Creation Date - Select an appropriate date for creation of the File. Depending on circumstances, it may or may not be the same as the day the file is being uploaded.

“Upload a File” Overview

Upload a file with a supported file format, enter all the necessary details and tap ‘Save’. You should be redirected to the “Files List“ page where you can see the file you just created as a new entry.

Files List page

You can tap the preview icon to review the file you have created in you device’s default browser tab.

View Uploaded File

Home6.0 Files / 6.3 Uploading a File


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