6.6 Editing a File

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The “Edit file” page enables you to edit file information.


1. Name - Name for the File.

2. Description - Describe what the File is about.

3. Creation date - Select an appropriate date for creation of the File. Depending on circumstances, it may or may not be the same as the day the file is being uploaded.

“Edit File“ Overview

Edit a File

You can edit the name, description and creation date of a file. Tap ‘Save’ to fishing editing the file details and you should be redirected to the “Files List“ page where you can see the file you just edited with updated details.

File Details page

NOTE : You can only edit a file if you have uploaded/created it. You cannot edit a file if it was shared with you by your health provider. This is visually represented with the “Edit“ button being greyed out and not accessible.

File Details page

Home6.0 Files / 6.6 Editing a File


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