How to: Create App User Group (Manual)

Creating an App User Group will allow you to add individual app users to a group and assign rules to content access and views. To create an App User Group you must:

To create an App User Group:

  1. Login to Ubiquity 
  2. Click on your app entry 
  3. Click on App Users 
  4. Click on Groups 
  5. Click + Add Group 

  6. Enter a Name and Description for the group 
  7. For Membership mode, select Manual 
  8. Click the Add 

  9. Your group has now been created. You can now Add Users to your group
  10. Click on the Users tab
  11. Select some Users 
  12. Click Add to Group 

  13. Select the Group 
  14. Click + Add users to (x) Group(s)

Selected app users will now be added to the group.

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