in5 FAQs

in5 achieves the complex procedure of converting an InDesign document to HTML5.

Some bugs may arise when documents are exported. Further bugs may arise when the HTML5 is imported to Ubiquity and turned in to app content.

Always ensure you are using the latest version of in5. Ajar Productions regularly update the extension with new features and bug fixes.

For a full list of the interactive InDesign features supported by in5, see this page.

For more information on in5 bugs and features, see the in5 Answer Exchange.

The following are the most Frequenty Asked Questions we receive from users who are getting familiar with using in5.


Frequently Asked Questions


 Why do page-to-page links stop working when I replace pages in a document?

Deleting and reuploading in5 pages to Ubiquity causes links to and from those pages to stop working.

Each page is assigned a unique identifier when exported. These identifiers are used in page links. Replacing a page means it will have a different identifier, so the links will point to nowhere.

To avoid this bug, don't replace individual pages within a document in Ubiquity. Instead, import your entire document at once.


 There is extra white space around my pages. How do I remove it?

This bug usually occurs when in5 detects a page element sitting outside of the page itself.

Make sure all page elements are sitting within the page, and are not hanging off the sides.

This bug can also occur when a landscape master page is associated with a portrait page, or vice verse.

in5 allows room for the maximum width of a page, so having a master page with the wrong orientation can cause extra space.

Ensure your master pages are all in the correct orientation.


 Some of my images have white space around them. How do I remove it?

JPEG images do not export well if they have any effects applied to them, such as drop shadow or rotation.

Check the file type of the image. If it is a JPEG, convert the image to a PNG with a transparent background.

 Some of my page elements shrink when exported. Why is this occurring?

Images that have effects applied to them, such as drop shadow or rotation, are reduced in dimensions when exported.

This occurs because images with additional effects are often actually larger than InDesign displays.

The best way to fix this bug is to convert the images in question in to buttons, with or without actions.

in5 has special edge detection for buttons, which ensures that they are exported with the intended dimensions.


 Some of my page elements move or disappear when exported. How do I make them stay put?

Make sure that all of your elements sit inside of their frame. Any object sitting outside of its frame will cause documents on export.

When occurring with text, you can also turn off text frame auto-sizing, and make sure any paragraph rules sit within the text frame.


 Why doesn't outer glow stay on text when it is exported?

Outer glow on text is not supported by in5.

You can still add text with outer glow by exporting your text as an image first, then placing the image in to your InDesign project.

This workaround will not allow for live, searchable text. 


 I added a Book URL last time I exported my document. Where did it go?

Book URLs are used to create document-to-document links. If re-exporting your document, in5 will not remember/autofill the Book URL you defined previously.

As recommended in How to: Create Document-to-Document Links with in5, you should keep a document containing a list of your Book URLs.

If this does not suit your workflow, there is a workaround:

  • in5 will autofill the Book URL based on your InDesign document's name.
  • Use clear, unique naming conventions for your InDesign documents and then use the default Book URLs instead of defining them yourself.
  • This will mean as long as you don't change the name of the document, the URLs will stay the same and the links will work.



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